Do you have a plan?

if you want to achieve a goal then you need a plan that you can continuosly work

in order to move forward week in week out.

The best results are always achieved through continuos effort over time and working a plan that moves you forward consistently

without a plan you can lose your way and get side tracked but with a plan you can refer back to it daily and course correct if you find yourself

moving away from the plan.

this goes for all parts of your life not just your health and fitness once you know what your goals are you can plan towards them

and make sure you achieve them.

Its amazing how many people I see start training and moving towards a goal only to be side tracked and fall off the wagon

everyone has good intentions and a plan at first but then over time they tend to forget why they are doing what they are doing

this is because they aren’t continually looking at there plan and going over there goals so they lose there way.

You are capable of achieving anything you want in life but its not going to happen by luck you need to plan and set goals and continually move towards


Your ability to stick to a plan and stay on track to achieving your goals is huge and will seperate you from most people remember that sometimes

things will not go your way and sometimes you may need to reevaluate your goals and plan but thats ok if it means you still end up going

in the right direction long term.

Set goals make a plan and smash it!


Committed to your success

Adam Prowse