Winter is coming but that doesn’t mean you need to slow your progress

or go into hybernation.

If you set some serious goals now and start working on them consistently you could be in

the best shape of your life for summer.

They say summer bodies are made in winter and its true you can get amazing results by being consistent over winter

and you will feel less pressure when summer comes as you have already been doing the necessary work to get yourself in shape.

You should really train all year round sure there will be times when you train harder then others or are more focused then others

but at the end of the day if your training all year round then you keep the habits there that you need when you are serious about your training.

Its very hard to come back after months of not training and requires you to reset your habits and find a lotĀ of discipline but if you keep training

all year round even though some periods were not as hard as others you will still be in good routine and hold a good base level of strength and fitness.

Don’t use winter as an excuse not to train and eat unhealthy food make a plan and get to work you will be amazed what you can achieve by summer

make health and fitness a lifestyle not a seasonal fad that you jump on when you feel like you need to get fit again once your in the habit of training regularly all year round

and eating healthy you will find the results are a lot better and your lifestyle is consistently healthier and easier to maintain.

Committed to your success

Adam Prowse