Most people are not satisfied with the results they get from there training
they put in time and effort but never really get what they want

why is this?

There are a number of reasons why you aren’t getting the results you want but the main ones are usually to do with exercise intensity,consistency and diet

lets look at exercise intensity first

your body adapts to physical stress [exercise] and needs to be pushed in different ways and at high intensity in order to adapt and get stronger or fitter most people never train to the levels necessary to get the results they want

consistency is another reason why your not getting what you want
it is impossible to get the results you want when you stop and start all the time
if you do a hard month of training then do nothing for a month you will lose the benefits very fast and therefore always struggle to get the results you want long term

Diet is 70% of your overall outcome sure training is important as well but no training will fix a bad diet so make sure you use tools such as a food diary and nutrition tracking apps like my fitness pal you should also be studying the back of food packs and educating your self on the foods you eat now and ones that you could eat instead

These are the main reasons you aren’t getting the results you want so make sure you take action now you know and adapt some of you training and diet to make sure you move closer to your goals