Why do most people put things off for so long?

Why wait months or years to do something that if you committed to now you could achieve in a way shorter time frame

does this sound like you?

are you waiting for the perfect time or the stars to align so that you can start moving towards your goals?

If this is you then your not alone many people are just like you and doing the same thing waiting and waiting for the right time

but there is no right time sure there are times that are better then others to pursue certain goals but there is no point waiting around for the optimal

time as it doesn’t exist the time is now.

If you have goals and things you want to achieve then get into action and start moving towards them don’t sit around waiting any longer

most of your goals probably would have been achieved already if you started a year ago or at least you would be well on your way to achieving them.

If you get one thing out of this article today its that things don’t need to be perfect for you to start moving towards your goals there is no time like the present

it doesn’t matter what goal you have big or small you can achieve it but first you must start think 6 months form now where will I be and then punch forward everyday

moving closer and closer to your goal until you achieve it then set new goals and do the same again.

You will probably find the journey of achieving the goal is more full filling then what you get for achieving the goal its self

so stop waiting and start doing the first step is to start.


Committed to your success

Adam Prowse