Is it purely for body image?

Is it purely for better health?

or is it for a completely different reason?

These are the types of questions we need to ask ourselves in order to get a clearer vision

of why we train and to make sure our goals line up with our vision

for example if you train just so you can have enough strength and fitness to enjoy life and be able to

do everyday tasks easily and feel good then your training should revolve around that goal

on the other hand if you train to win bodybuilding competitions then your training should revolve around that

both goals are completely different and require different training so make sure you are clear on what you want out of training

and also what your goals are.

Training is different for everyone and we all have our own reasons for what we want out of training but at the end of the day as long as

your training towards a goal that you really want to achieve and that moves you closer to the life you want then your doing great and you just need to keep that goal and vision in mind throughout the journey

Hope this helps


Committed to your success

Adam Prowse