This is a question you will need to ask yourself from time to time

there area few main reasons most people train but there are also unique reasons

why people train.

Think about this carefully as its easy to rattle of the usual reasons like fitter, healthier

and look better but often there is more to it then that.

I have met many people who claim they train to be healthy but really they just want to look good eg

a smoker or someone who takes performance enhancing drugs may claim they train to be healthy but often they

just want to look good and don’t really care about being healthy at all.

You may train so you have more energy for your day or so your fit for a specific sport or even just to relieve stress

there is no wrong answer really but being clear on why you train can help you put things in perspective and help you stay motivated

long term.

The best way to answer this question is to be brutally honest with yourself and really think about the real reasons you train

it could be anything from wanting to have an amazing body to just maintaining a decent level of health and fitness obviously once you know the real reason you

train you can adapt your training around that and you will probably also find that your path becomes clearer.

Remember there is no wrong answer here just ask yourself this question and be honest with yourself keep asking yourself why until you

come across the real reason.

Committed to your success

Adam Prowse