There are many people that think there too old or too injured to train

but really anyone can train.

Some people require different training to others and may need special exercises

to make sure they don’t cause themselves more injury but that doesn’t mean its impossible

for them to train and get results.

Being elderly doesn’t mean you should sit on the couch all day and do nothing sure there are certain precautions

you have to take but usually people find there is a lot of different exercises they can do also it may only take a small period

of time each day to drastically improve your health.

Usually its lack of knowledge that tends to make people think they cant train due to age or injuries so its important to get educated

and learn from professionals about these matters as they are very important if you don’t do the exercises properly or choose exercises that are

hard on your injuries then you may cause further damage.

Most doctors will recommend some sort of exercise to elderly individuals or even injured individuals rehab for instance is used as a form of exercise to return injuries to normal strength

and avoid the person re injuring themselves.

The bottom line to all this is don’t write yourself off you are capable of bettering your health through exercise at any age and with any injuries

there is no excuse why you can’t train of course the type of training and the exercises may need to be different or specialised but thats fine and you can

get that knowledge from a range of professionals such as physios,trainers and doctors.