The year is underway and is going to go very fast and your either going to look back at the end

of the year and say yeah I got a lot done this year and achieved a lot or your going to look back

and think I cold have done more I could have achieved more.

This is entirely up to you if you set goals and take massive action towards them then there is nothing stopping you

the year has only just began and if you commit to your goals now and stay consistent you will be amazed what you can achieve

eg if you start running now twice a week every week for the rest of the year and use progressive overload you could easily increase your

running distance monthly and end up running further then you ever imagined.

The same goes for weight training if you start lifting now and increase the weight each month you will end up being stronger them you ever imagined.

So set your goals and stay consistent and you will be surprised what you can achieve in a year and remember the time will pass by anyway regardless of

what your doing so make it work for you and use time to your advantage by consistently moving towards your goals.

Daily habits are the biggest thing you can focus on for long term success eg swapping a muffin for an apple is  a small daily habit that when committed to

over time will result in better results and health for you.

Another example is committing to training a certain amount of times per week eg 4 times a week every week and not missing or skipping sessions

these little changes and commitments when done consistently over time will compound and get you amazing results.

Committed to your success

Adam Prowse