After being a trainer for years and meeting plenty of different people

I have realised that some people just hate exercise and It’s ok I understand its not everyones thing.

If you think you are the type of person who hates exercise don’t worry not all is lost

it might not be exercise thats the problem maybe you just haven’t found what you like yet

I know it sounds obvious but its amazing how many people tell me they hate exercise then months later

end up achieving great results and loving training I believe some of this is due to them trying things they have never done before

but also achieving results and having fun.

Not everyone is going to be a physical person but everyone can benefit form exercise so really its about finding something that you love

for some people thats the gym for others its sport and for some its simply just going for a walk.

If you feel like you are the kind of person who doesn’t like exercise then try new things and you could be amazed at some of the activities

that you actually enjoy and want to do instead of just doing them because you know you should.

If you get bored easily then try listening to audios or studying whilst doing physical activity things like sitting on the bike pedelling while

listening to or watching something can be a great way to get the body and the mind working.

There are so many ways for you to exercise and so many benefits for you to gain there is no 1 way to do things and i’m sure there are activities out there that you will like but you may have to search a bit to find them but when you do it will all be worth it so go for it.