You need a plan no matter what goals you are chasing you need a clear plan and path of action to get there

without it you are flying blind and will struggle to achieve what you want.

You also need to have a plan so that when you are feeling lost or like what your doing isn’t worth it then you can

go back to your plan and see where you are at and how much progress you have made which is a great way to motivate you to keep going.

So whatever goal you have make sure you break it down into smaller goals and make plans around each goal and how you are going to reach them

this is crucial and will save you heaps of time in the long run.

You may find you have to sacrifice some things in order to achieve the desired goal eg sometimes you may have to sacrifice some leisure time or even some

work time to help you achieve a physical goal but this goes both ways so make sure you clear on your goals and prioritise then effectively in order to

achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

Committed to your success

Adam Prowse