What is healthy?

Is it having almost no fat on your body and big lean muscles?

Is it being a certain weight for your height?

Is it being able to function properly everyday without extra stress on your body?

This is a hard question to answer sometimes as peoples opinions may vary a lot and there are different aspects of health to consider.

An individual may be healthy in terms of body function but may be unhealthy in terms of state of mind or carrying excess body fat

or the other way round.

This is where its gets tricky as an individual could be carrying too much body fat but have great body function in terms of organs and everything working well

or the other way round they could be very lean and appear to be in good health but have damaged organs and poor health.

It is important to have good body function so that you avoid things like heart attack,stroke or even kidney and liver problems as these sort of problems with organs

can cause massive health problems for you.

Your physical appearance is also important but can be an inaccurate way to tell if someone is healthy as the body could look healthy but be unhealthy on the inside

It really all depends on what you call good health and what you think are the most important factors for good health.

You have to take time and think about what is most important to you and also consider what you are genetically pre disposed to as that may affect your health and lifestyle choices

but all in all this is a personal decision and you need to work out what you consider to be healthy and then work on those areas  in order to achieve optimum health for you.

Committed to your success

Adam Prowse