This depends on your goals of course but a good workout will always move you closer to your goals

so lets say your goal is to lose weight then a good workout would involve as much calorie burning as possible and working as many muscles as possible so that you burn a lot of calories and ramp your metabolism up during recovery.

there is a lot of different way to train so it really all depends on your goals but for most people who want to lose weight and tone up then your workout should revolve around calorie burning and working as many muscles a s possible.

If your goal is to build muscle then you should revolve your workouts around tearing the muscle fibres of a certain muscle group as much as possible in order for that muscle to build back stronger and bigger then before.

If your goals are to increase cardiovascular fitness then you must work on getting your heart rate up and training at high intensity so your body gets used to increasing vo2 max and your heart gets stronger and more effective at pumping blood around the body.

The way you train is very important to achieving your goals so make sure the training your doing is effective for your goals and then make sure you are consistent and each workout is taking you one step closer to your goals.

So if you want a good workout then follow the advice above and make sure you are training effectively for your goals.


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Adam Prowse