We all have rituals or daily habits that we do even though you might not notice them they are there

what you do as soon as you wake up in the morning or times you eat meals are rituals or habits you may not think about

or even what you eat or what time you go to bed.

You need to look at your rituals or habits and then think about your goals and work out if your habits are helping you

achieve your goals or if they are hurting your chances of achieving your goals

This is especially important with your health and fitness as a small change can result in a big difference in results over time

for example if you usually eat a chocolate bar for morning tea and you swap it with an apple then over time you will get the benefits

of that change

your whole life is ruled by these rituals or habits so make sure you pay attention to them and question them regularly

as long as they serve you in a good way and help you move closer to your goals then keep them but if they hurt your chances of achieving goals or you feel they aren’t good for you then get rid of them

Committed to your success

Adam Prowse