If you have been training for a while or have had a fair bit of experience training

then you will know that some days you just don’t feel like it and other days you cant wait to get into it.

This is normal and will happen from time to time but the best way to handle it is recognise it for what it is

we are human and our bodies are constantly changing and going through different things as well as fighting of viruses and

dealing with environmental influences.

Lack of sleep or poor nutrition or even dehydration will affect us in different ways and affect our bodies ability to perform

so you must take these things into account and form strategies to combat these influences affecting you negatively.

There is no guarantee that you will feel great all the time and feel great when you train but by making strategies based around good nutrition,

good sleep patterns and plenty of water you should feel preety good most of the time and be able to train at higher intensity easier.

when you are having  a day or week where you aren’t feeling like training and your struggling then its important to listen to your body and

make sure you are looking after yourself as well as reevaluating goals so you know why your doing what your doing as this should also a big part of your motivation.

So next time your not feeling like you want to train remember to listen to your body and make sure you are looking after yourself its only normal to have days where you are right into your training and days where you are not.