There are many little injuries that can happen when you start training a lot or even when you have been training for years

Injuries are part of exercise and you will ┬áprobably get some eventually but don’t let them get you down of course you will need to change the way you train

and the intensity but you can still train.

If you have a lower body injury like knee,calf,achilies tendon then you can still do heaps of upper body weights and in most cases will still be able to ride the bike

and use a hand paddler and also other cardio gear like assault bikes and ski ergs.

If you have an upper body injury like shoulder, back or arm then you can do a lot of leg weights and cardio that doesn’t use arms like bike and running

and of course abs can still be done in most cases.

Injuries are frustrating and can set you back a bit but it doesn’t have to be something that stops you all together so don’t let it

as soon as you get an injury that seems more then just s slight strain and doesn’t go away in a day or 2 then go to the physio and get them to have a look

chances are you will need some treatment but they will also be able to give you advice about how to avoid injury in the future in that area.

if you incorporate stretching foam rolling and massage regularly into your routine as well as rehab exercises on trouble spots for you then you should be able to avoid injury most of the time.

I hope this helped you remember injuries are part of exercise and they don’t have to stop you completely so next time you get injured research what you can still do and keep going

then it will only be a matter of time before you can start training 100% again.