If you experience tight muscles all the time and aren’t really sure what to do about it then try these simple steps

and you should be feeling a lot looser pretty fast.


1-Get into a regular stretching routine daily especially the muscles that give you the most trouble these muscles tend to be the hamstrings and calves,

chest and muscles that are postural or get out of balance easily.

2-Foam rolling is another great way to loosen muscles and avoid injuries long term foam rolling is very effective and breaks up the fascia which is a casing that goes around

your muscles and is very hard to break up and loosen up so foam rolling helps break up the fascia which then allows you to stretch the muscles better.

3-Massage is a great way to loosen up the muscles and get the muscles that are hard to stretch looser if you train regularly then you should get massage regularly too

the cost is worth it to keep you injury free and feeling better.

Use these 3 strategies to keep your body looser and avoid injuries and perform better tight muscles are normal if your training regularly so take the time to stretch, foam roll and get regular massage and you should be fine.