If your under 30 then you probably don’t need to worry about this as much

but there are definatly things you need to consider once your over 30 and things

you need to consider as you get older.

Once your over 30 usually your metabolism starts slowing down and your body starts to

very slowly degrade to an extent this is due to the body not growing anymore and not needing to

use as much energy trying to grow.

If you have been training for years already then obviously the effects aren’t as bad and will occur a lot slower

but as you get older muscle mass degrades due to the body going into a type of slow decay before we die.

If you use the muscles often it slows down the process big time so if your doing regular weight training then

you will find your strength and posture and overall health and fitness a lot better then people who don’t train.

The other side to this is your cardio vascular fitness if you do regular cardio and keep your heart and respiratory system

strong then you will have a lot more energy and feel a lot better as your body will be more effective at using oxygen to feed the muscles and you will find you don’t get as tired or weak as people who don’t train.

So as you get older make sure you are doing regular weight training it doesn’t have to be high intensity or really heavy or anything just keep the muscles working.

Also make sure you are doing regular cardio so that you keep your heart and lungs strong and your body working efficiently

this will help you feel better and have a better quality of life.

so both weights and cardio are important and consistency matters you don’t have to be training really hard all the time or anything just make sure you are training regularly and doing weights and cardio.