There are many little injuries that people get from training but most

of them can be stopped before they start.

Its great that your training hard and regularly but even with stretching and massage and

foam rolling you can still get injuries due to weaknesses in certain muscles or strains on tendons.

There are a few common injuries that take place in almost every sport or exercise especially when it comes to endurance events or repetitive exercises that lead to overuse injuries.

Some of the more common injuries to to the shoulder are rotator cuff injuries so by doing rotator cuff exercise before you have any injuries you can stop them occurring in the future.

Don’t wait to get injured before you start rehabilitating the common injury sites get onto it now it only take 5-10 mins after each workout to rehab a muscle or tendon and that could be enough for you to avoid in juries later on.

Another common injury is the knee and a lot of knee injuries could be avoided by a stronger glute med and more foam rolling once again this doesn’t take that long and can really help you perform better and stay injury free.

The achilies tendon is another one that is worth spending time strengthening as injuries to this tendon can take  a while to heal and can stop you doing exercises such as running

so if your a runner then spend time working on rehab and you will go a long way in keeping yourself injury free.


These are a few injury prone areas to consider but there are way more you have to look at the exercise your doing and look into what injuries are common with that exercise then start rehabilitating it before it is even injured that way you will be strong and have less chance of injury in the future.