There are many ways to lose weight but often we get lost in the tons of information out there

so I have listed 5 easy things you can do to lose weight

1-drink 10 glasses of water per day-this will help you hydrate and aid your weight loss

2-exercise daily 30 minutes-this will help burn calories and speed up your metabolism

3-avoid extras-try not to snack on unwanted calories

4-liquid calories-keep an eye on calories from liquids eg alcohol,coffee and energy drinks

5-read labels-read the nutrition informati0n labels on the back of food and drink and watch things like calories,protein,fat and carbohydrates

these are 5 basic things you can do to lose weight and feel better so put these in place today and enjoy the benefits

Don’t overcomplicate things just tweak strategies and measure your progress and be patient

you must stay consistent and if you have a bad day then simply get back on track quickly and don’t beat yourself up

Committed to your success

Adam Prowse