We all like to look good and build a more asthetic body but there are way more

benefits to exercise then just looking good.

Have you considered these side effects of exercise


-Increased energy levels-This is a huge benefit when you think about it the more energy you have the better especially when it comes to daily activities such as work and training

-Better cardio respiratory function-The stronger and more effective and efficient your heart and lungs are the better your body can pump blood around the body and function the way its meant to. Theres less chance of having a heart attack or stroke and your body will get oxygen to the muscles better which means you will feel better as the muscles are able to function better.

-Clearer mind-Mindset and exercise tend to be related when you train endorphins and other chemicals are released that make you feel good and help you focus better even after you have finished training, studies have shown that when you train that day you are up to 20% more productive throughout the day.

-Stress release-We all get stressed from time to time especially if your working a lot or in a high pressure career or even if you are going through personal things stress can come at any time but you will find exercise can help you release stress and generally make you feel better even in the hard times.

Muscular skeletal-Exercise can also help you build lean muscle mass which gives you strength and helps you avoid injury in day to day life. This is especially important as you get older as muscle deteriorates and we get weaker but it also has a metabolism effect the more muscle you have the higher your metabolism is due to the body having to feed that muscle mass so therefore you don’t tend to put on weight as easily and your posture and joints are better as the muscle is there to protect them and keep your body functioning properly.

So apart from just looking good there are plenty of reasons to train regularly consider these benefits when you train as it can help motivate you to see the bigger picture especially when the results aren’t happening the way you want or as fast as you want.


Committed to your success

Adam Prowse