I know there are a lot of people interested in this topic and I always get people asking me about it


Supplements have become very common and can be quite complex when trying to figure out what you need

but really you can simplify it a fair bit

first of all stick to the basic like protein,vitamins and fish oil these are the supplements that will help your overall health

and general well being


If you want to help specific problems you have like cramping then you need to research what supplement can help

that particular problem eg magnesium fixes cramping

Supplements like pre workout will have benefits like increase energy but really you don’t need them for general health


so the first thing is to work out why you want a supplement and what you want it to do for you then once you know what you want

it will seem a lot easier and you will be able to avoid the hard decision making process that most people find themselves in

when buying supplements


Keep it simple and don’t be mislead research what you need and get that


Committed to your success

Adam Prowse