How would you rate your overall health?

I don’t just mean how you look or how strong you are or how fit you are

I mean your overall health so how is your energy levels? your digestion? your mental stability and mindset?

your cardio fitness? your muscle strength? your bone density? your blood pressure? your cholesterol?

you get the point.

There are many aspects to your health and fitness and just because someone looks healthy doesn’t mean they are

you need to be aware of all areas of your health in order to look after your body properly.

Cardio and weights will definatley help your overall health but you may need to go to  a doctor and talk to them about

others parts of your health such as blood pressure cholesterol and anything else that may potentially be in a  bad way.

Diet will also play a massive part in your health and fitness and can help you with a range of problems so educate yourself on diet and talk

to professionals about your diet.

There is more to your health and fitness then what you can see in the mirror so make sure you think about all aspects and

take the necessary steps to ensure you are looking after your overall health

There are a range of education tools and things you can do to better your health but the easiest places to start

are training cardio and weights regularly and eating healthy.

Going to your doctor and getting a general checkup can also be a good way to keep an eye on any potential problems that may arise

things like blood tests and blood pressure checks can be great ways to check your overall health.

be open minded about your health and fitness and realise that there are many aspects to your health and many benefits

of different forms of exercise.

Committed to your success

Adam Prowse