You need to have an open mind when it comes to your training

the truth is that there are many styles of trainingĀ and they all have strengths and weaknesses

of course your goal will play a big part in helping you choose what style of training you do

but you must keep an open mind and realise that all styles of training can help you

too often I see people who are trapped by only doing 1 style of training eg weights,cardio

you must balance you training so that you get the benefits of different styles and can move closer to your goals


If you have strength goals then of course you need to mainly do strength training but you may find that a bit of cardio can help

you recover faster and help you achieve better results you may also find that a bit of yoga or extra stretching can help you keep your muscles

stretched and avoid injuries as well as give you better range of movement.

If you goals revolve around fitness like running or distance events then you may find some form of resistance training can help you

perform better.

there is no one style of training that is the only way all styles of training have benefits and detriments but as long as you do them for the right reasons

and they line up with your goals then you will benefit from them.

Committed to your success

Adam Prowse