Muscle Building and Doping


Everybody who goes to gym regularly has different purposes and expectations from their workouts. In Maitland gyms we offer a good variety of services such as weight loss programs, fat burning plans, ways of gaining healthy lifestyle habits and body building exercise plans. The people who are already fit and would like to improve their muscle strength choose body building exercise plans to work out in Maitland gyms. Also the ones who completed their weight loss program and would like to go on with muscle improving workouts prefer body building exercises.

As body building exercises require strong muscles and strength, these people need a different diet plan or supplements. There are lots of protein drinks, vitamins, energy drinks available for the ones who want to carry their body building workouts one step forward. Maitland personal trainers believe that these people need to be careful with using these kinds of extra supplements. It will be for their benefit to consult with their Maitland fitness trainers before they begin to take supplements, which will help them to build lean muscles.

Some sportsmen also take hormones to obtain a better performance in their workouts. Maitland fitness trainers claim that getting hormone support has some risks and they group these risks like this;

-Extra hormone support may affect the body and sex hormone system. Some women athletes use extra hormones to improve their muscle strength. When this amount is not balanced well they suffer from some problems such as becoming hairy.

-Wrong hormone support may cause kidney problems in the long term. The extra hormone is taken by unnatural ways. For that reason the body system may struggle to accept it and use it efficiently. Normally the kidneys are the first organs that fail because of hormone support.

-Hormone support may cause problems and difficulties in people’s sexual life. Men who get hormone support usually suffer from erection problems or premature ejaculation.

-Apart from health and sexual problems hormone support may also cause death in some cases. Therefore, Maitland personal trainers recommend everybody to consult with a professional and pass from a detailed examination before taking hormone support.

One of the main substances that are used in body building is steroids. This substance can be useful for the ones who work out with extreme exercises and want to build more muscle mass. Otherwise taking this substance may cause putting on weight and fat.

The hormone supports can be found as pills or injections. Maitland fitness trainers inform everybody that these unnatural supplements may bring out serious health problems. With these hormone supports the body loses its balance and stops producing hormones. Although these hormones help to build stronger muscles it may not be worth to take the risk of it.