Maitland weight loss by 5 kg

Don’t you think it’s time you started your Maitland weight loss program. Or these are the last 5 kg from which you want to get rid of to finally become happy about your body. Anyway, everything is possible! So what is the program of Maitland weight loss by 5 kg? Now we’ll tell you how to achieve this naturally.

Upgrade your metabolism

It is not so difficult to lose weight by 5 kg if you speed up your metabolism through exercises and a special diet for Maitland weight loss. If you still do not eat 5-6 times a day in small portions, now is the time when you need to rethink its strategy of nutrition. If you want to lose weight by 5 kg, you should eat more often, but portions should be smaller, and you will notice how your will lose your weight.

Reconsider your attitude to what you eat and in what quantities.

Imagine yourself as a machine for burning fat, and every time you eat imagine how you push the gas pedal of the machine and it starts to actively digest, burn and convert food into nutrients, which eventually will serve as an energy and fuel for your body. If you currently eat three times a day, than in order to lose weight by 5 kg you should divide these three servings into 5-6 servings, and you should eat smaller portions but more frequently. This will allow you to speed up metabolism and you will feel hunger less.

Ideal is to eat every 3 hours. For men it is better to eat six times a day, while women should eat at least 5 times. If you eat snacks between meals, then treat it as a full meal and then still pay attention to what you eat. Each of your meal should contain protein, starchy carbs, and fiber carbs. This is applied to your first three meals, and then the rules change. Fourth, fifth and sixth meal should consist of protein and vegetables. This approach to nutrition will not only increase your chances to lose weight by 5 kg, but also reduces the cravings and eliminates the possibility that carbohydrates turn into sugar, which have an impact on blood sugar levels. If you do not need carbohydrates for energy at the end of the day, then do not use them.


If you are on a diet like “Maitland weight loss by 5 kg,” you probably exercise hardly, as it should be. But if you still do not exercise, then it’s time to start. And those who already included physical activity, it is necessary to strengthen it. Increase training for up to six times a week. Begin to exercise the second time in the evening. Thus you will become engaged twice a day. The result will appear very soon.

Caution: when load increases you will need to slightly increase the number of calories consumed to meet the new needs of the organism in the diet. A strong decrease in caloric intake can put the body in starvation mode.