Some people train to be better for sport, some people train to be stronger and fitter for there job,

Some people train for a more asthetic body and some people train simply to be able to enjoy life more.

Being fit and healthy allows you to get through your day easier and handle things such as stress better

there are many health benefits to training of course but some of the most basic benefits are often overlooked by people

things like being able to function effectively and being able to get through the day being the best you possible are very underrated

and sometimes even forgotten until the person has to stop training for a while and they lose these positive effects.

If you want to have good energy levels and good strength levels and good functionality your whole life then you cant stop training

and you must look beyond the asthetic benefits or training to really appreciate it the way you should.

The astheitc benefits are great of course and thats why so many people start training its not that they are thinking of just health benefits usually they want a better looking bodyand the health

benefits are a secondary thought but as people get older and maybe become less image conscious they look more towards the health benefits as there body is slowing down and they look to

improve things like energy and strength.

So next time your training think about all the good things that are happening to your body like the blood pumping around your body and the muscles working hard and your heart and lungs

working to help your body out these are all benefits that are making your body better that you might not have really ever thought about.