Everyone has there own personality and even though we can be similar to someone else

we are always different and therefore will have different strengths and weaknesses.

This is fine if you are aware of your personality type and what your strengths and weaknesses are

eg if you tend to get complacent easily and you are aware of it you can change it

If you can identify what holds you back with your goals then you can more easily break down the barriers and

move forward.

This is easier said then done as most people tend to think of themselves in a certain way and they may not be able to see

what they need to change or what the weaknesses and strengths of there personality type are.

You need to think in depth about your goals and your behaviours and think about the reasons why you don’t achieve what you want

eg you may train hard but your diet is not strict enough therefore you don’t get the results you want and even though you know this

you still don’t make the necessary changes and the cycle repeats.

It is up to you to pay attention and learn form your endevours if you find that the same cycles keep repeating then

you must look for another way to move forward or put in place strategies to make sure you don’t repeat the same problems.

You will need to change some things and use a bit of trial and error but you will learn a lot and get closer to achieving your goals

which is the main thing.


Committed to your success

Adam Prowse