This is a topic that always comes up when it comes to diet there is a fair bit to consider

its not just calories in and calories out it’s also nutrition and making sure your getting what you need

for your body to function at its best.

Anyone can count calories and cut calories down but you need to make sure that your are getting the essentials such as calcium,iron,

vitamins and a good balance of protein fat and carbohydrate.

There are many ways to do this and get a better balance but one of the main ones is supplements such as multi vitamins, fish oil, greens supplements,

calcium tablets,iron tablets if you feel you are deficient in any nutrients then  you can always go and talk to your doctor or chemist and ask for there advice.

the other way is start to pay more attention to your diet and start to pick meals and snacks that give you more nutrition and variety eg snacking on youghurt if your calcium is low.

You need to think of your body as a machine that requires the right fuel to work properly so if you put in low nutrient food then you will not be able to perform to optimum levels

and get the best health and fitness results possible.

You need to choose nutrition rich foods that can aid you in becoming the strongest fittest healthiest version of yourself and if you feel you are missing out on key nutrients

then you need to look into other ways of getting them eg supplements.


Committed to your success

Adam Prowse