The body balance i’m talking about is to do with muscles

is your program making sure your muscles are well balanced for your body

eg is your chest too strong for your back

The main imbalances are usually chest muscles too strong for the back muscles

which makes the individual have bad posture and even pain in the shoulders and back

this can be solved by stretching the chest and strengthening the back but most people don’t even realise

and end up injured due to this imbalance

another common imbalance is quadriceps to strong for hamstrings or hamstrings too tight

this can also cause injuries and mobility problems so once again you need to stretch the tight muscles and strengthen the weak muscles

for instance you may need to stretch the quadriceps [thighs] and strengthen the hamstrings or even the other way around depending on your imbalances

It is important to balance the body and make sure everything is in proportion so that your muscles can grow properly and you can avoid injury

plus feel better and have better posture

Committed to your success

Adam Prowse