Everyone has times when they aren’t motivated to train its normal but it doesn’t have to mean you start losing

results or gaining weight.

It’s important to recognise the ebs and flows of your training as everyone goes through them and there is no reason to get angry or upset about it.

If you feel like your getting demotivated then its important to reassess goals and remind yourself why you are training but also its important to realise that your body is not a machine it needs rest and will go through stages where it isn’t as energetic or as strong as other times.

If you are going through a hard phase and are really struggling for motivation don’t stop training all together

as that really gives your body a chance to go in reverse and undo a lot of your hard work.

You need to keep training but adapt the training to suit your body so maybe do some workouts you find more fun then a chore or maybe do some different styles of training that are different to your normal training.

sometimes your body needs a break and thats ok just have a couple of days of and then get back into it but as I said make sure you do things differently if your in a rut its ok to train less for a couple of weeks or maybe lower the intensity a bit this is way better then stoping for a few months.

You will find that you will have stages where you are very motivated to train and very keen to train so thats when you can ramp up again and get right into it but at least you are starting from a way better fitness and strength level because you didn’t stop training so your muscles and fitness level is still good which makes it easier to hit new levels.

So next time your feeling a bit demotivated don’t beat your self up keep training but adapt your training for a while then when you start getting really motivated again ramp it up and go for it.

Just listen to your body and do your best and keep moving towards your goals no matter what remember its better to slow down for a while then stop completely


Committed to your success

Adam Prowse