Because of daily responsibilities such as work, house keeping, children, etc people usually neglect themselves. There is always very little time left to take care of their health and special needs. However, to obtain a better life is not limited with time. Gaining good habits will definitely improve the general wellbeing. If you try to follow some rules you will notice the changes in your psychical and psychological health. Here are some simple and basic tips that will help you to motivate yourself.

Adam Prowse and his team Of Dedicated Maitland Personal Trainers offer great diet plans, health and nutrition advice as part of their service as well as Maitland Boot camp to help keep you motivated all year round.

  • Gain healthy eating habits. The nutrients have an essential role in your general health and mood. Therefore, try to have a well-balanced diet that includes the optimum amounts of carbohydrates, fat and protein. Eat small portions at least 5 times a day. To avoid eating a lot do not wait long hours between meals. Having a rich breakfast will help you to start the day better and provide you the energy for the rest of the day. The metabolism slows down while you are sleeping so try to have your dinner 2-3 hours before going to bed.
  • Sleep well. Everyday you need to sleep approximately 7-8 hours to rest your body and mind properly. Avoid drinking beverages that contain caffeine in the evenings. A glass of warm milk will help you to fall asleep easily. We tend to think and focus on ourselves more in the time period just before sleeping. The negative thoughts obstruct to fall asleep, so try to free your mind and relax. A good sleep is also the key for loosing weight. The researches prove that people who sleep less take almost 220 calories more than the others. Doing great effective exercise sessions will also help you sleep better as you will be very tired by the end of the day that’s where Maitland Boot camp can help.
  • Spend at least 45 minutes everyday doing exercises. Without doing exercise you cannot have a 100% healthy life. Training will help you to obtain a better shape, general health and mood. Getting a membership in Maitland gyms will motivate you to work out regularly with a professional exercise program tailored to your needs by Maitland fitness trainers.If you don’t like Gyms then you can alos look at Maitland Boot camp.
  • Get sunlight at least 15 minutes everyday. If you are working indoors all day remember that the artificial light does not give the same effect as daylight. Sunlight will provide you vitamin D and reduce your tiredness. Even though sunshine has good effects on people’s mood, avoid staying under the sun when it is really hot.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking has lots of negative outcomes that affect your health. As it is an addiction it may be difficult to give it up. But if you manage you will notice a huge difference in your health and breathing.


If you do not have any of these habits start to change your life with little steps. Get a piece of paper to write down your goals and put the list somewhere that you can always see. Having a new life style is not easy so be patient and give yourself some time. Adam Prowse will also give 2 weeks free of Maitland Boot camp to anyone looking to get in great shape and change their life.



Committed to your success,

Adam Prowse Personal Trainer