many people get to a certain level in life and get stuck there its normal and often a plateau

in certain areas is also a way for you to consolidate your position in that area.

for instance when it comes to weight loss people often lose weight quite fast at the start of there journey

then as they lose weight they hit plateaus and it gets harder to break out of them as they are closer to there healthy weight and there

body is less likely to drop kgs as fast.

So when it comes to weight loss plateaus can be ways for your body to adapt to all the changes occuring in your body and make sure you consolidate

your results and body for long term sucess.

After you have plateaued for a while you may find that all of  a sudden you start getting results again and you have no real idea why

this is usually because your body is ready for the next level and as you train and eat better it responds accordingly.

This can be the same for other areas of your life you set goals and you chase them and then you reach a higher level in whatever your doing

but of course naturally a plateau comes and you reset your goals and go for more.

It doesn’t matter if its your career or your financial situation or your physical health and fitness if you set goals and chase them you will eventually come across

plateaus but they are often just way to consolidate your current position before you set new goals and go to new levels in that area of your life.

Remember if you want to go to new levels in your life then set goals chase them and don’t be afraid of the plateaus there just temporary states till you move forward again.

Committed to your success

Adam Prowse