Focusing on what you can control is one of the keys to achieving results

there are plenty of distractions and things that you cant control that will come up but

at the end of the day you can’t let them take you of course or become distractions for too long.

If you ask yourself what can I control in this situation then you will find out its not always easy

when you realise the reality of this and that you cant control things that you thought you could

but its also an opportunity to take actions based on what you can control and get yourself in the right head space

to move forward and achieve your goals.

For instance if you usually train outside and it rains that day instead of saying oh well I cant train today look for other options

it may be an at home workout or you go to an indoor facility but either way you didn’t give up you simply got it done.

Its normal to blame circumstances and other factors for your problems or barriers but you will find if you want to get around them

and keep moving forward you can.

If your gym is closed for the day then go outside and train do something you have never done before or something that really tests you out

you will find that the challenge is what makes you feel great.

So next time something comes up and you feel like you are making excuses then stop and ask yourself what can I control in this situation

and make adjustments to make sure you keep moving forward