Winter is defiantly here and if your like most people you will probably find yourself
struggling for motivation not just with training but also diet

its normal that when it gets cold people look for hot food and may even decide to stay in bed longer
or go home and sit in front of the heater instead of doing the sessions they intended to do

Don’t let this get you down but be aware of it and make sure you have a minimum performance level that you have to
keep during winter e.g. attend 3 sessions a week consistently

on the other side of the coin you could also use the mindset that most people are going to back of there training and diet
then have to fight harder during summer to get the results they want

so if you put more effort in over winter it will result in less effort to achieve your goals coming into summer

don’t make training something seasonal make it a standard that you hold yourself accountable too
and understand some months will be better then others but its only natural and as long as you are getting closer
to your goals every few months then your doing great


Committed to your success

Adam Prowse