Do you need Maitland weight loss after pregnancy?

If you started to think about good body only after giving birth to your child, it means that in some way it is a little bit late. You should make a decision on Maitland weight loss after giving birth during a planning period of pregnancy.

It is well known that during pregnancy a woman adds an average of about 11 kg of body weight (according to the physiological norm). Of course, you should take into account the individual psycho-physical constitution, height, weight, and racial and ethnic features of father and mother.

In fact, during the process of giving a birth and after pregnancy, these pounds (which were added in a natural way) will disappear in the same natural way. However, you should remember that in a woman’s body during pregnancy, there are some normal permanent anatomical and physiological changes, and therefore you should not seek to bring your figure after pregnancy to the previous view of 100%, because it is impossible and unnatural.

Quite often, some future mothers gain weight more than necessary in normal conditions (20 kg or more!). For them, the subsequent disposal of excess weight after pregnancy is sometimes a serious problem.

Where do women get these extra pounds? During pregnancy excess weight can appear because of certain factors.

People have a sustainable misconception that the future mother must eat in two times more, that is, as much as possible. Some pregnant women no longer monitor the balance of nutrition, justifying it with the needs of the developing fetus and the conviction that “the body will tell”. Of course, it will “tell”, but how will we interpret its signals?

Often a pregnant woman changes the mode of movement in the direction of decreasing and, thus, energy obtained with food is spent not enough. In addition, pregnancy – it is always in some way stress, since all body systems are rebuilt. Fatty tissue in the abdomen, waist and hips is actively developing and it’s ok, because the physiological mechanisms are included to protect the developing fetus.

Also during pregnancy, some excess weight gain may be caused by excessive delays in the body fluids, as well as certain gynecological and obstetric problems.

The overall statistics are not encouraging: about 20% of young girls, 40% of women aged 30 years and almost half of women aged 40 years gain extra weight after pregnancy and, therefore, the problems associated with it.

If you personally have a tendency to gain weight; it is a good idea during pregnancy to correct it, because Maitland weight loss after childbirth is much more difficult.

There are a lot of methods of Maitland weight loss. Maitland weight loss includes sport, proper nutrition and breathing exercises. If you want to achieve the maximum results you have to combine all of the methods. In case of the combination you will be able to achieve the maximum results in a shorter period of time. Maitland weight loss can bring happiness to the person who made a decision to lose weight. If you want to become such a person – do it.