Most people wait till they get an injury to start rehabing it

they usually get injured then go to physiotherapy and then they start rehab.

there are a few common injuries that you can prevent preety easily by simply starting to rehab them before they occur

some of these include some knee and shoulder injuries and even lower back injuries.

If you train the little muscles around your big muscles you will have better stability and avoid causing undue stress

to the joints.

the smaller muscles such as glute med are used to stabilise the hips and align the knee and hip properly so that you don’t

put stress on your knees so make sure you train glute med regularly

rotator cuffs are small muscles located near the shoulder blade that help stabile the should blade so you need to train these muscles regularly

in order to keep your shoulder healthy and injury free.

Lower back injuries can be caused by a number of things but one way to take a bit of pressure of your lower back is to make sure your

hamstring are flexible and not too tight so make sure you stretch the hamstrings regularly.

these rehab exercises and stretching will help you make sure you don’t get injuries as often and are able to perform at higher levels

so make time for them and work them into your weekly exercise routine.

If you would like the exact exercises and stretches please ask your trainer or email



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Adam Prowse