There are a few common injuries that a lot of active people tend to get

most of these injuries are due to muscle imbalances or tight muscles

and can be fixed quite easily with a bit of rehab and treatment.

Shoulder injuries usually occur due to weak rotator cuff muscles or overly tight chest muscles

these usually go hand in hand so if you stretch the chest muscles and strengthen the rotator cuffs

then your shoulder health will be a lot better.

The other very common injury is knee problems of course there are a lot of different types of knee problems butone of the most common is menisucs tears in the knee which are usually due to the knee not tracking properly in line with the hip and ankle therefore the extra stress put on the knee tends to cause problems over time.

By doing some basic glute med strengthening exercises such as crab walks you can help stabilise the hips better and help the knee track more efficiently this along with a lot of quad,hamstring and glute stretches will help stop overtight muscles and put less pressure on the knee.

more advanced rehab such as foam rolling and massage can also be used to keep the muscles looser and put less stress on the knee.

these injuries are very common and can be easily fixed with a bit of rehab and stretching so don’t neglect them as its always annoying and inconvinient when you get injuries you could have prevented.

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Adam Prowse