Your habits are responsible for almost everything in your life

what you eat each day, how you think each day and how you go about your life

is usually directly linked to your habits.

If you get up every morning have a milkshake and doughnuts then this is a bad habit that you can change and

see instant results with your health.

If you go home every day and sit on the couch and eat chips and drink beer then that is another habit that can be changed

and you will see health and fitness benefits very fast.

these examples are obvious but what about your habits how many can you change to better your self long term?

it could be something simple like committing to an extra training session per week and having half the alcohol you usually have in a week

or changing your morning tea from a chocolate muffin to an apple.

your habits make you or break you so don’t let them be a disadvantage for you look at your current habits and start to make the changes now

they don’t have to be big just pick some habits you would like to change and start there.

Committed to your success

Adam Prowse