Boot camp is an awesome way to get fit, loose weight and feel great

Boot camp involves lots of different training styles and techniques as you may have some sessions that are more cardio based and others that are more resistance based.

Boot camp Maitland is not your average boot camp the sessions are kept to smaller numbers so that the Adam Prowse Personal Training team can deliver a more personalised service then the average boot camp, boot camps are usually held outside in parks but Maitland boot camp has its own air conditioned location which means it can run all year round because the weather no longer determines whether or not you train so therefore there is no excuses not to get in awesome shape and keep reaching your health and fitness goals all year round.

Boot camp Maitland is held mornings and nights and weekends so there are times that suit everyone, the sessions are held in Maitland at our Personal Training and Bootcamp studio with plenty of off street parking and on street parking which can be a great alternative to the crowded gyms in summer.


Boot camp is also a very cost effective way to train with a trainer more often throughout the week which means you will be pushed to levels you have never been to before which  means you will get in better shape then ever before.


If you would like to try 2 weeks of free boot camp then email Pam at admin@adamprowse.com.au and leave your details so Pam can get back to you and book you in asap.


Have an awesome day,


Adam Prowse Personal training and Maitland Boot camp

Maitland NSW 2320