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We all like to look good and build a more asthetic body but there are way more benefits to exercise then just looking good. Have you considered these side effects of exercise   -Increased energy levels-This is a huge benefit when you think about it the more energy you have the better especially when it comes to daily activities such as work and training -Better cardio respiratory function-The stronger and more effective and efficient your heart and lungs are the [...]


Everyone has times when they aren't motivated to train its normal but it doesn't have to mean you start losing results or gaining weight. It's important to recognise the ebs and flows of your training as everyone goes through them and there is no reason to get angry or upset about it. If you feel like your getting demotivated then its important to reassess goals and remind yourself why you are training but also its important to realise that your [...]


WHAT IS A GOOD WORKOUT? This depends on your goals of course but a good workout will always move you closer to your goals so lets say your goal is to lose weight then a good workout would involve as much calorie burning as possible and working as many muscles as possible so that you burn a lot of calories and ramp your metabolism up during recovery. there is a lot of different way to train so it really all [...]


There are a few common injuries that a lot of active people tend to get most of these injuries are due to muscle imbalances or tight muscles and can be fixed quite easily with a bit of rehab and treatment. Shoulder injuries usually occur due to weak rotator cuff muscles or overly tight chest muscles these usually go hand in hand so if you stretch the chest muscles and strengthen the rotator cuffs then your shoulder health will be a [...]

Different cardio!

Have you ever wandered what the difference between doing steady state cardio such as walking is compared to doing intervals? there are many different types of cardio and they do effect your body in different ways so make sure you use them effectively for the best results possible. If you want to do steady fat burning cardio then steady state cardio which is things like walking,cycling and any low to medium intensity exercise that is done a steady pace is [...]


There are many people that think there too old or too injured to train but really anyone can train. Some people require different training to others and may need special exercises to make sure they don't cause themselves more injury but that doesn't mean its impossible for them to train and get results. Being elderly doesn't mean you should sit on the couch all day and do nothing sure there are certain precautions you have to take but usually people [...]

What is the perfect diet?

What is the perfect diet? Have you ever stopped to think about this? there is really heaps too it when you think about it there are a lot of different things to consider such as someones ethnicity and also there tolerances to certain foods as well as preferences of certain foods. There are many different types of diet and many different suggestions as to what we should be eating but like anything the research is always changing and new information [...]

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for? If you have a goal in mind or know what you have to do to go to the next level with your health and fitness then what are you waiting for? procrastination is a massive killer of goals and can halt your progress big time so don't let procrastination get in your way and stop you achieving your goals. Most goals can be achieved fairly quickly and easily if you set a strategy and stay [...]


If you have been training for a while or have had a fair bit of experience training then you will know that some days you just don't feel like it and other days you cant wait to get into it. This is normal and will happen from time to time but the best way to handle it is recognise it for what it is we are human and our bodies are constantly changing and going through different things as well [...]

Overall health!

How would you rate your overall health? I don't just mean how you look or how strong you are or how fit you are I mean your overall health so how is your energy levels? your digestion? your mental stability and mindset? your cardio fitness? your muscle strength? your bone density? your blood pressure? your cholesterol? you get the point. There are many aspects to your health and fitness and just because someone looks healthy doesn't mean they are you [...]

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