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What is healthy?

What is healthy? Is it having almost no fat on your body and big lean muscles? Is it being a certain weight for your height? Is it being able to function properly everyday without extra stress on your body? This is a hard question to answer sometimes as peoples opinions may vary a lot and there are different aspects of health to consider. An individual may be healthy in terms of body function but may be unhealthy in terms of [...]

How do you go to the next level?

many people get to a certain level in life and get stuck there its normal and often a plateau in certain areas is also a way for you to consolidate your position in that area. for instance when it comes to weight loss people often lose weight quite fast at the start of there journey then as they lose weight they hit plateaus and it gets harder to break out of them as they are closer to there healthy weight [...]


This is a question you will need to ask yourself from time to time there area few main reasons most people train but there are also unique reasons why people train. Think about this carefully as its easy to rattle of the usual reasons like fitter, healthier and look better but often there is more to it then that. I have met many people who claim they train to be healthy but really they just want to look good eg [...]


If you have a positive strong mindset you can achieve anything the body will follow the mind if you believe you can do it and have good mental toughness then you can achieve whatever you want and will find forming habits and discipline a lot easier almost everything you want to achieve requires a strong mindset and discipline so you need to develop a strong mindset and spend time working on it daily as mindset is temporary and needs to [...]


Why do most people put things off for so long? Why wait months or years to do something that if you committed to now you could achieve in a way shorter time frame does this sound like you? are you waiting for the perfect time or the stars to align so that you can start moving towards your goals? If this is you then your not alone many people are just like you and doing the same thing waiting and [...]


Winter is coming but that doesn't mean you need to slow your progress or go into hybernation. If you set some serious goals now and start working on them consistently you could be in the best shape of your life for summer. They say summer bodies are made in winter and its true you can get amazing results by being consistent over winter and you will feel less pressure when summer comes as you have already been doing the necessary [...]


Who are you accountable to? when it comes down to it who are you really accountable to? Its well known that people tends to let themselves off the hook and take it easy on themselves especially when it comes to diet and exercise. If you are never really accountable to anyone but yourself then you may struggle when chasing big goals it always helps to have a third party who you can check in with weekly or monthly and re [...]

Do rehab before you get injured!

Most people wait till they get an injury to start rehabing it they usually get injured then go to physiotherapy and then they start rehab. there are a few common injuries that you can prevent preety easily by simply starting to rehab them before they occur some of these include some knee and shoulder injuries and even lower back injuries. If you train the little muscles around your big muscles you will have better stability and avoid causing undue stress [...]


Do you have a plan? if you want to achieve a goal then you need a plan that you can continuosly work in order to move forward week in week out. The best results are always achieved through continuos effort over time and working a plan that moves you forward consistently without a plan you can lose your way and get side tracked but with a plan you can refer back to it daily and course correct if you find [...]

Fitness or strength?

There are many directions you can go with your training but generally your either getting stronger and bigger or fitter and leaner sure you can train for both but its very hard to reach extremely high levels in both at the same time eg a marathon runner can't also be a powerlifter they are too different styles and your body just cant be extremely effective at both. so if your goals are mainly to build size strength and power then [...]

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