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Health and Physical Benefits You can get from a Boot Camp!

Have you ever considered joining a boot camp for your fitness needs? Perhaps not. For many, the idea of a boot camp brings about the image of training similar to the military’s with unending obstacle courses and some people shouting orders left, right and center. This view causes people to shy away from signing up for these kinds of programs as a result of reduced self-confidence. At Maitland Boot camp, we instead encourage you to focus on the health and [...]


There are many little injuries that can happen when you start training a lot or even when you have been training for years Injuries are part of exercise and you will  probably get some eventually but don't let them get you down of course you will need to change the way you train and the intensity but you can still train. If you have a lower body injury like knee,calf,achilies tendon then you can still do heaps of upper body [...]


It's ok if you have gone off track and lost motivation it happens to everyone at some stage every year there are going to be times when you are more motivated then others but its normal the real key is how do you get back on track fast.   Here are 3 steps to get you back on track   1-Write down your goals I'm sure you have heard this before but how can you hit a target you cant [...]

What to do when you hate exercise!

After being a trainer for years and meeting plenty of different people I have realised that some people just hate exercise and It's ok I understand its not everyones thing. If you think you are the type of person who hates exercise don't worry not all is lost it might not be exercise thats the problem maybe you just haven't found what you like yet I know it sounds obvious but its amazing how many people tell me they hate [...]

Stop the injuries before they start!

There are many little injuries that people get from training but most of them can be stopped before they start. Its great that your training hard and regularly but even with stretching and massage and foam rolling you can still get injuries due to weaknesses in certain muscles or strains on tendons. There are a few common injuries that take place in almost every sport or exercise especially when it comes to endurance events or repetitive exercises that lead to [...]

Focus on what you can control!

Focusing on what you can control is one of the keys to achieving results there are plenty of distractions and things that you cant control that will come up but at the end of the day you can't let them take you of course or become distractions for too long. If you ask yourself what can I control in this situation then you will find out its not always easy when you realise the reality of this and that you [...]


Some people train to be better for sport, some people train to be stronger and fitter for there job, Some people train for a more asthetic body and some people train simply to be able to enjoy life more. Being fit and healthy allows you to get through your day easier and handle things such as stress better there are many health benefits to training of course but some of the most basic benefits are often overlooked by people things [...]


If you experience tight muscles all the time and aren't really sure what to do about it then try these simple steps and you should be feeling a lot looser pretty fast.   1-Get into a regular stretching routine daily especially the muscles that give you the most trouble these muscles tend to be the hamstrings and calves, chest and muscles that are postural or get out of balance easily. 2-Foam rolling is another great way to loosen muscles and [...]


Negative self talk will never get you positive results especially long term, it's easy to get stuck in a rut or make a habit of talking to yourself negatively and putting yourself down but it simply doesn't help. You need to reset your mind sometimes and look at things with perspective and gratitude when you do this things never seem as bad and you will find you are happier and more content with just the basics of life. There is [...]


If your under 30 then you probably don't need to worry about this as much but there are definatly things you need to consider once your over 30 and things you need to consider as you get older. Once your over 30 usually your metabolism starts slowing down and your body starts to very slowly degrade to an extent this is due to the body not growing anymore and not needing to use as much energy trying to grow. If [...]

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