Progressive overload is a training principle used to ensure you are moving forward all the time with your training

it works on the basis that you do more then ever before and then don’t go back at all

for example if you bench press 60kg then you go up to 70kg then thats your new weight and you don’t go back to 60kg.

This principle works on you slowly progressing over time and not taking backward steps its a great way to progress yourself and can be

awesome long term as you look back and realise those little steps with preety much no backward steps have made you progress

a lot.

There is  a story about a man who bets the other men in his village that he can carry a fully grown donkey across the bridge

the other men laugh and take the bet on

the man then gets a baby donkey and starts walking across the bridge everyday with it on his back until the donkey is fully grown

by the time the donkey is fully grown the man is able to carry the donkey across the bridge and win the bet.

this is progressive overload and a great way to structure your training slowly making advancements and not going back wards

over time you get better and better and will accomplish massive results.