Are you being honest with yourself?

Are you 100% certain that you are doing everything you can to achieve your goals?

we all like to think we are being honest with ourselves and doing everything we need to be doing to move towards our goals

but it can be very hard to be honest with yourself sometimes its much harder to tell yourself the real truth

then it is to tell someone else the truth.

this is normal no one likes to admit there faults or flaws and no one likes to see themselves in a way that isn’t positive

but sometimes you need to be brutally honest with yourself and see situations for what they are if you feel like your not

achieving your goals ask yourself why, it could be because you aren’t eating healthy enough or you aren’t training enough

or your doing the wrong type of training for your goals but either way there is something not working and you need to be able to take

emotion out of it and look at it with clear eyes and logic.

This type of honesty will help you achieve more then ever before and course correct easily making sure you stay on track to achieve your goals and

make sure you are constantly progressing.

so if you haven’t been honest with yourself then maybe its time to sit down and think about what you need to do to help you achieve your goals.


Committed to your success

Adam Prowse