Motivation is like a fire it needs to be fed all the time to stay alive you cant just light it once then forget it

  Motivation is usually linked to goals and rewards that you get from achieving those goals if you were sitting on the couch and i said get up and do 100 squats you would think no way but if i said do 100 squats and ill give you 1 million dollars you would do it quickly and enthusiastically

  this is because the reward is very motivating so you want to do the task this is an extreme example but makes the point that if the reward is good enough you will find motivation  

So you must link the feeling of achieving your goals to everyday tasks so that you feel motivated to complete them and reach new levels if you start feeling the tasks are mundane and useless then you wont want to do them and forget them

  This is dangerous long term and will cause you to not achieve things that you could easily achieve with a little bit of effort each day eg 30 mins of exercise per day isn’t that hard to do but its also easy to miss and over time will make a huge difference  

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