It’s ok if you have gone off track and lost motivation it happens to everyone at some stage

every year there are going to be times when you are more motivated then others but its normal

the real key is how do you get back on track fast.


Here are 3 steps to get you back on track


1-Write down your goals

I’m sure you have heard this before but how can you hit a target you cant even see

this is why writing down your goals is very important as it gives you something to aim for and measure against


2-Daily disciplines

These are the things you have to do each day to move closer to your goals eg train,study,go over goals


3-Take massive action

All the goals you have will require action for you to achieve so get into it there is no perfect time for you to start so just get moving and things will happen


This is fairly basic but very powerful you will be surprised how much you can achieve when you take these 3 simple steps

and the benefits you will get will blow you away.

Once you decide on your goals and what you want to achieve then commit to them and take massive action till you achieve them

this is a great way to focus in and achieve what you want and can be used in all areas of your life.

Goal setting can be hard sometimes and take a while for you to really work out what you want but that’s ok take your time with setting your goals and make sure the goals you set are important to you so that when challenges arise you have enough meaning behind what your doing to push through it and keep going.