10 ways ot lose weight in Maitland without efforts

Probably every woman once in their life faces with the situation, when they are looking for ways to loose weight. This is very serious situation, because it can lead even to depression. Women are very serious about their appearance and that is why we will try to help them to cope with their problem. Let’s consider 10 advices for weight loss in Maitland without efforts.

1. Buy blue dishes.

Have you ever wondered why fast food restaurants have so many red dishes? This color stimulates the appetite. Try to choose blue plates and you will eat less.

2. Drink after your meal

The fluid drunk during meals dilutes the gastric juices and slows digestion and provokes swelling. In order to quench your thirst without harm to the body, wait half an hour after eating before you drink.

3. Meditate for weight loss in Maitland

Stress changes hormones and results in gaining of extra pounds. Yoga and meditation help to control mood and weight.

4. Take a deep breath

When you smell the food, your brain thinks that you have already eaten some food. In order to fool the body, inhale odor of food each time before you eat a piece. Proponents of this theory add special supplements to food – crystals that enhance the smell of food, and thus, reduce feelings of hunger.

5. Avoid sugar for weight loss in Maitland

Instead of sugar and sweeteners, choose a natural sweetener – an extract of the South American plant, which is sweeter than sucrose in 250 times.

6. Choose spicy flavors for weight loss in Maitland

According to studies, men, guessing women’s weight, were wrong for at least 7% down, if she smelled with spicy floral perfume, but not citrus. There’s no explanation for this, but it seems that spicy flavor makes an effect of weight loss, as vertical stripes on clothes.

7. Start with fruit for weight loss in Maitland

Try to start breakfast with a piece of watermelon, cantaloupe, or berries, and after 25 minutes, eat cereal. In the morning it is easier for the body to digest fruits than heavy proteins like eggs and bacon.

8. Drink wine for weight loss in Maitland

Studies in Boston showed that women, who drink a glass of wine daily, have less overweight than those who do not drink at all. At the same time heavy drinking can cause various diseases. Choose a red wine, which is good for the cardiovascular system: it will help you to stay in shape without creating health problems.

9. Take time

Follow the Buddhist way of eating – the more attention you pay to your food, the less you eat. Use chopsticks instead of fork; eat with your left hand if you are right handed; put the alarm for 20 minutes and do not leave the table until it rings.

10. Take a break

After dinner, try to quickly brush your teeth; you will no longer try to eat anything from the table. If that fails, chew gum and take something in your hands.